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Gas Prices Top $4.00 a Gallon Average in Every State

It’s time for President Biden and House Democrats to quit playing the blame game and unleash America’s domestic energy production.

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McCarthy: Americans Need Real Solutions for Gas Prices

Biden’s superficial, shortsighted stunt will cripple our future readiness and will not deliver relief from soaring prices.

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Americans Can’t Afford One-Party Democrat Rule

Americans deserve to have an actionable plan to reverse the damage caused by the policies of President Biden and Speaker Pelosi.

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House Democrats Continue to Vote Against American Energy 

Stopping Russian oil imports is the right decision, but House Democrats have stopped short of what is needed to address rising gas prices.

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Gas Prices Have Been Rising Since Biden’s First Day in Office

Leader McCarthy called on President Biden to work with Republicans on targeted solutions to lower gas prices and put more of American workers’ paychecks back in their pockets.