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House Sends ‘Right to Try’ to President Trump

Today, people who were told they didn’t have a chance can now have a little more hope.

Press Releases Health Care

House to Give Patients a ‘Right to Try’

The House will consider Right to Try on Tuesday, March 13th. I look forward to swift Senate action so more Americans facing dire circumstances can find some light in their darkest moments.

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Democrats Said They Want to Fund Our Military. It’s Time to Do It

During the Schumer Shutdown, Senate Democrats spoke repeatedly about how we must fund our military. Was that all just cheap talk?

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Republicans Deliver for Children’s Health Care

Republicans remained adamant that not a single one of these children should lose their health insurance because politicians wanted to leverage the program to score political points.

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Getting Veterans the Care They Need Where They Need It

It shouldn’t matter where veterans get care as long as they get the care they need.