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Don’t Believe the Fear-Mongering. Our Plan Has Pre-Existing Conditions Covered

To claim or imply that our plan doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions is a lie.

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Breaking Down State Lines for Small Businesses

This will enhance their negotiating power with health insurance companies to get the best deals for their employees.

Press Releases Health Care Reform

Competition is at the Heart of a Good Health Care System

By eliminating anti-trust protection for insurance providers, we create the groundwork for competition that was decimated by Obamacare.

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Health Care Phase 3: The Small Business Health Fairness Act

By allowing small businesses to band together across state lines and negotiate with health insurance providers, small businesses can get on equal footing to large employers.

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Health Care Phase 3: The Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act

Bringing federal anti-trust scrutiny to an increasingly concentrated health insurance industry will increase competition and lower costs.