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Leader McCarthy Talks Defense Funding, FISA Memo on Fox News

Senator Schumer said he didn’t want to hold the military hostage. This bill gives us the opportunity to fund the military completely.

Press Releases Defense Immigration Tax Reform

Senate Democrats Must Live Up to their Word and Pass Defense Funding

Our military men and women could have what they need. Senate Democrats just need to allow us to pass defense funding.

Press Releases Immigration

Democrats Start Schumer Shutdown to Extort Bad Immigration Policy

Senate Democrats have shut down the government over something that has nothing to do with this funding bill or with putting the American people first. 

Press Releases Immigration Tax Reform

Tax Reform is Already Delivering for America

Trump Tax Plan | GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Talks Walmart Wage Increase, Tax Reform

McCarthy appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box this morning to discuss more good news for American workers because of tax reform signed into law last year.

Press Releases Immigration

Leader McCarthy Talks Immigration on Fox News

Immigration Reform | Kevin McCarthy on Fox News

The President brought both sides and both chambers together, and he is trying to use what he is so good at, the art of the deal, trying to get an agreement here.