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As Democrats Move to Impeach, They Ignore the American Voter

Democrats have been wanting to impeach President Trump since the day he was inaugurated. It is now their primary objective to remove from office the duly elected President of the United States on…

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As Democrats Move to Impeach, They Ignore Bipartisan Solutions on Infrastructure

During a press conference this week in which Speaker Pelosi attempted to shift the subject to anything but her unprecedented unilateral impeachment inquiry, she mentioned her “hope” to “renew”…

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Congress and President Trump Work on Infrastructure

The ball is rolling to invest in physical and digital infrastructure projects that America can be proud of. 

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Leader McCarthy Talks Economic Growth and Jobs with Bloomberg

U.S. Economy | Bloomberg

You have the lowest small business tax rate in 40 years. Our economy is growing.

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Leader McCarthy on the White House Infrastructure Plan

America’s infrastructure is in disrepair, and its long past time we start building again.