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The Innovation Initiative Ventures Forward

We embarked on a mission to bring government into the 21st century, making Washington face today’s problems with new ideas to help the American people. Next week, we continue our progress.

Press Releases 21st Century Government Innovation

The Innovation Initiative Empowers Women Innovators

With these two items, the Innovation Initiative continues empowering the American people for the sake of the American people, removing obstacles to success while bringing innovation into government.

Press Releases 21st Century Government Innovation

Innovation Initiative: Keeping Internet Available for All

Today –thanks to Greg Walden—we have the first bill from the Innovation Initiative on the floor, protecting the Internet for hundreds of thousands of users.

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Leader McCarthy on the Air: The House is Developing a Complete Agenda

Leader McCarthy spoke with Maria Bartiromo on FOX Business this morning, discussing the House’s focus on policy ideas to overcome the challenges facing America.

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McCarthy at PPIC Discusses Critical Issues Facing California and the Nation

Leader McCarthy joined PPIC for a wide–ranging discussion about the critical issues facing the state and nation—from water to terrorism to the economy.