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GI Bill | McCarthy Bill to Provide Free High-Tech Courses to Vets


Under McCarthy’s VET TEC bill, the VA would contract with companies to provide the training and pay them in installments: 25% when a veteran starts a course, 25% when the veteran finishes, and the…

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Updating Regulations Will Enable Employee Ownership

This outdated regulation imposes artificial limits on startups attempting to grow and hire the best employees.

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Discussing the Innovation Initiative and Modernization of Government

My vision is to have government as innovative as Google, as customer-centric as Apple, and as quick as Amazon.

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Leader McCarthy in Axios: The innovation initiative

Axios | April 4, 2017

Government has to get smarter. Disruption is happening all around us, and we can either harness it for the common good, or risk getting stuck in the past. Here are some ways…

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Leader McCarthy on Overturning the FCC Rule

This rule created confusion and harmed competition without privacy benefits.