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Press Releases 21st Century Government Economy Innovation Reform

House Acts to Restore American Manufacturing Competitiveness

House Republicans are committed to advancing pro-growth policies, and relief on tariffs that affect American manufacturers is a terrific way to achieve that.

Press Releases 21st Century Government Accountability Innovation Reform

House Votes to Strengthen Email Privacy

This Innovation Initiative bill correctly accounts for the difficult balance among individual civil liberties, law enforcement’s ability to protect public safety, and the interests of our…

Press Releases 21st Century Government Innovation

Innovation Initiative to Hold Congressional Forum

The FORUM is a unique policy event that will bring together leaders in technology, data, and entrepreneurship.

Press Releases Innovation

Innovation Initiative: Keeping The Internet Free of Regulation

The Innovation Initiative is all about giving the American people the freedom to grow and prosper. With this the Internet stays a little freer.

Press Releases Innovation Public Health

Congress Incentivizes Innovators to Respond to Zika

By adding Zika to this program, we encourage innovators to develop an effective treatment for this latest public health crisis.