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Today’s Anti-Israel Democrat Party

This week House Democrats stripped $1 billion from a funding bill that was supposed to be spent on Israel’s rocket-defense system, the Iron Dome. The party sent a message heard around the world that…

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Democrats Aren’t Just Turning Their Backs on Our Ally, They’re Turning Their Backs on America

Leader McCarthy condemned Democrats for turning their backs on Israel and the American Public.

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Democrats Abandon Opportunity to Stand With Israel

Today, Democrats rejected a unanimous consent request to fund Israel’s critical Iron Dome defense system, foregoing another opportunity to show America stands united in its support of Israel.

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Leader McCarthy, Rep. Kustoff Introduce Bill to Combat Anti-Semitism

Leader McCarthy and Rep Kustoff introduced legislation to combat anti-Semitic hate crimes, and called on Democrats to join Republicans in this effort.

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The House Must Stand United Once Again in Its Support of Israel

Leader McCarthy calls on Congress to pass the Palestinian International Terrorism Support Prevention Act.