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As the Economy Struggles Under Biden, Americans See Dramatically Higher Consumer Prices

The consequences of Bidenomics are being felt across the country.

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The Truth About the Unemployment Numbers

It’s time to end the federal jobless supplement and create policies that will actually incentivize individuals to return to the workforce.

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McCarthy, House Republicans Urge Governors to Help Get Americans Back to Work

House Republicans call on governors to end the federal jobless supplement and help Americans get back to work.

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Leader McCarthy Delivers Remarks After Meeting With President Biden

At the White House earlier today, Leader McCarthy voiced the concerns of Americans on a wide range of topics, from infrastructure to inflation, and unemployment to the border crisis.

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President Biden’s “Tax-And-Spend” Policies Are Bad For America

“Today’s disappointing job report confirms once again that President Biden’s tax and spend policies are bad for American workers, families, and small businesses.”