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Leader McCarthy: I Just Returned From the Southern Border. President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas Need to Step Up

We need to secure the border now. Biden and Mayorkas must step up and do their job, not abandon their responsibility to keep America safe.

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Leader McCarthy Announces China Legislation Conferees

Countering the Chinese Communist threat is the single most pressing issue we can undertake in this Congress. We need strong voices in this process who will put American interests above all else.

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House GOP Members: President Biden Must Reverse His Decision and Uphold Title 42

Without Title 42, there will be further chaos at our southern border.

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House Democrats Continue to Vote Against American Energy 

Stopping Russian oil imports is the right decision, but House Democrats have stopped short of what is needed to address rising gas prices.

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America Must Prioritize Energy Independence

If we want to lower prices and protect the environment, we must prioritize American energy independence.