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Iran Shouldn’t Have Access to the U.S. Dollar

We cannot grant Iran access to the U.S. dollar in any form. Iran supports terrorism around the globe, continues to test ballistic missiles, and commits egregious human rights abuses against the…

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Building New Software to Stop Terrorist Travel

With this legislation, fewer would-be attackers will slip through the cracks, and the world will be that much safer.

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The House Continues to Move Bills to Make America and the World More Secure

There will be continual bills you will find on this floor from the task force to move forward not only to make America more secure, but the world as well.

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Yesterday Showed a Clear Contrast Between the President and the House

So the question to the President is, why would the President release anyone more from Guantanamo Bay and why would he ever want to bring those people to America?

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Former Gitmo Detainee Arrested for ISIS Links

Congress is resolute. The correct choice is clear. We cannot close Guantanamo Bay