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House Passes Defense Authorization

National defense is the primary purpose of the federal government, and this bill authorizes the funding to make sure our country is safe, our troops are provided for, and that taxpayer money is being…

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Strong and Principled Foreign Policy: Syria and ISIS

The Syrian civil war has far-reaching consequences, from the creation of the worst refugee crisis since World War II to allowing a breeding ground for ISIS and other radical Islamist groups.

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Strong and Principled Foreign Policy: Iraq

We should have three goals in Iraq: Defeat ISIS, marginalize Iranian influence and Iranian militias, and help to foster a system of political inclusiveness rather than sectarian division.

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Strong and Principled Foreign Policy: Iran

The Obama Administration clearly does not share Leader McCarthy’s third principle of foreign policy—that we should stand with our allies and oppose our adversaries—as demonstrated by the…

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McCarthy in RCP: The World Is Safer When America Leads

In approaching today’s world, I believe that if we adhere to and apply these principles to our engagement in the world, it will not only keep America safe, but also make the world a more peaceful…