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President Trump is Right to Withdraw from Iran Nuclear Deal

The Iran Deal is a bad deal. Through his action today, President Trump sent a strong signal to Iran and other foreign adversaries that nuclear proliferation has consequences.

Press Releases Iran National Security

Leader McCarthy Talks Macron, Iran Deal, Pompeo on Fox News

This is the moment to say I don’t care what Schumer and Pelosi say–I’m going to put the country first.

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Finally, the Defense Funding We Need

Without continued investment and a zealous pursuit of strong national security, what we hold dear is threatened.

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Leader McCarthy Talks Defense Funding, FISA Memo on Fox News

Senator Schumer said he didn’t want to hold the military hostage. This bill gives us the opportunity to fund the military completely.

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Lower Taxes, Big Gains: Americans Already Benefiting from Tax Cuts

Some of your bills are actually going to be lowered because of the tax bill.