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A Presidency Rebuked by the Courts

By staking his legacy on over-expansive executive actions, President Obama is facing a series of foreseeable roadblocks: the courts and the Constitution.

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A Budget for the 21st Century

For the first time in six years, both Houses of Congresses have produced budgets and come to a bicameral budget agreement. That means Washington finally has a plan of action to balance the budget and…

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Another Unhappy Obamacare Anniversary

There’s a simple lesson for Washington to learn here: you should never force an unworkable system on unwilling people.

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5 Years & 5 Broken Promises

It’s been 5 years since Obamacare came into our lives. We can’t exactly say we’re better off. What we can say is that Obamacare has left a trail of broken promises in its wake.

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The House is Repealing Obamacare for the People

House Republicans have three priorities. We want to increase freedom, promote opportunity, and hold government accountable. Obamacare is against all of those goals with its outdated, top-down…