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Press Releases Innovation Reform Veterans

A GI Bill for the 21st Century

The Forever GI Bill is going to make it easier for veterans to get the career and technical skills they need to fill better, higher-paying jobs.

Press Releases Reform Veterans

GI Bill | Major Veterans Bill Headed to House Floor

It is our commitment to provide our veterans every opportunity to enter a rewarding career.

Press Releases california Reform Water

Another Big Bill to Bring Californians Water

California Water

Today we take another major step forward to bring our communities the water they contract and pay for.

Press Releases Immigration Obamacare Reform

House to Pass Two Major Immigration Enforcement Bills


McCarthy appeared on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom to discuss the House’s crackdown on sanctuary cities.

Press Releases Reform Water

It Shouldn’t Take So Long to Build a Dam

We can do better, we should do better, and we will do better when we pass this bill.