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Religious liberty

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Leader McCarthy Speaks at the Opening of a New Religious Liberty Division at HHS


We’ve been working together this past year to protect religious freedom for the people of California and the United States.

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Why the Conscience Protection Act Hits Close to Home

This is an important bill for all Americans who want to live their lives the way they think is right without fear of losing their jobs or violating the law. But it’s particularly important for my…

Press Releases Freedom Religious liberty

Everyone Has a Right to Live Out Lives of Faith

The Obama Administration is flirting with tyranny when it attempts to trample on the rights of people to live out lives of faith.

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On National Day of Prayer, We Recommit Ourselves to Religious Liberty

Faith is a bedrock of our great country. To have the freedom for our faiths to flourish, government can never infringe upon our most basic freedoms.

Press Releases Freedom Religious liberty

House Supports Religious Liberty Protections in D.C.

Current attempts to infringe upon religious liberty and First Amendment rights are frankly unacceptable. No person or employer should be forced to pay for or support something that they have…