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Tax Reform

Press Releases Tax Reform

Leader McCarthy Touts Economic Boost from Tax Cuts

Trump Tax Plan

And what did we find last week? Not only were bonuses going out but also raises.

Press Releases Tax Reform

Bigger Paychecks Are on the Way

When these new rates are implemented, the American people should check their paychecks to see how much more of their hard-earned money they will keep.

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Tax Reform is Already Delivering for America

Trump Tax Plan | GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Talks Walmart Wage Increase, Tax Reform

McCarthy appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box this morning to discuss more good news for American workers because of tax reform signed into law last year.

Press Releases Tax Reform

Lower Rates, Lower Bills, More Money

Along with lower taxes and bigger paychecks, Americans can also expect to see the cost of heating and powering their home decrease as well.

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Lower Taxes, Big Gains: Americans Already Benefiting from Tax Cuts

Some of your bills are actually going to be lowered because of the tax bill.