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The Starting Line

Starting Line The Starting Line

News of the Day

We’d be better off as a society if our news was less about impeaching someone not in office and more about addressing and solving challenges our world faces.

Starting Line The Starting Line


We’re always interested in discovering new companies, individuals, or other organizations seeking to creatively solve problems facing our communities.

Starting Line The Starting Line

Marketing America

So while maybe these ads didn’t leave us in stitches, they at least ended with us feeling good and with a decent understanding of how the company wants to be portrayed — which is kind of the point.

Starting Line The Starting Line

A Fresh Perspective

Congresswoman Yvette Herrell from New Mexico takes The Starting Line reigns today to give us her view on something that matters to her community.

Starting Line The Starting Line

We the People, Not People Like “Me”

The stories and lessons of “people like” Laurie and Wally are far more interesting and inspiring than, say, that of a man flying around the world on his family’s private jet.