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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of activity, it was the age of stonewalling. In short, it was the House, and it was the Senate.

Washington feels like it’s stuck in neutral, but really while the House has been hitting the gas, the Senate is slamming on the brakes. Look no further than the number of bills the House has passed that Harry Reid’s Senate has ignored. As of now, the Senate is obstructing 387 House-passed bills, and the vast majority of these bills—over 90 percent—passed with bipartisan support.

That number includes over 45 jobs bills that will get our economy moving and help Americans get back to work. It includes dozens of energy bills that will lower costs, increase production, and move us closer to North American energy independence. It includes bills to increase education affordability and choice at a time when our education system isn’t doing enough to teach our children to succeed.

Meanwhile, the Senate spent the last month focusing on an unpopular and 100 percent partisan proposed Constitutional amendment to limit Americans’ First Amendment rights and allow free speech to be regulated by the government. Even though the House passed a bill to deal with our border crisis, the Senate went home without bringing anything to a vote. And Leader Reid continues to block any consideration of the House’s bipartisan jobs and energy bills.

So while Americans still wonder where the economic recovery is, the answer is easy: it’s stuck in the Senate.