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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) appeared on FBN’s Mornings with Maria to discuss and the latest on tax reform and weighed in on the Kate Steinle verdict.

Excerpts are below, or watch the video here.

On the importance of seizing this opportunity for tax reform:

“If this doesn’t go through I don’t know why members stay around here.… This is what they promised to do, and it’s not about your election. This is about the country. If you want the next century to be America’s, this is the chance and the opportunity to do it. When you look around the world, it shows America is again taking up big ideas, moving the world in a pattern of what we want to see, and having the next opportunity for the future generations.”

On the legislative successes of the Republican-led House: 

“If you made commitment to get this through you cannot make it happen, I don’t see how you go back to voters. I am proud of what this House has been able to achieve. You look at all elements that we promised. We achieved it. I was looking at this company, Quorum, where they just go off of data. They looked at the first 100 days. This is the most productive Congress back to H.W. Bush. Unfortunately, on Senate side it hasn’t had same results.”

On the not guilty verdict in the Kate Steinle case:

“It is so appalling. My heart goes to Kate’s family. This is a crime that should have never taken place. This individual not only has been deported five times, he had a number of felonies. He never should have been released from jail. It is appalling that we don’t live under the rule law. You cannot sit back in a city like San Francisco and pick and choose what rule of law you want to live under. This is United States of America, and I think the rest of the country is appalled by this…. If you watched in the House we have passed Kate’s law. It is sitting in the Senate. I hope when they get done with tax, they take that up and send it to the President’s desk. This should never happen to another family. This should not happen in this country…. The number of felonies this individual had and the number of times this person came illegally across the border, shot and murdered an American citizen—that should not take place in this country again.”