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House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement after Congressman Kevin Brady (TX-08) announced he will retire at the end of this Congress:

“Serving alongside Kevin Brady is a privilege. A tireless advocate for workers, families, and small businesses, he is one of the most respected members in the House. He truly personifies the ‘happy warrior’ disposition of conservative champions like Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp. 

“During his 13 terms in Congress, and especially as Chairman and Ranking Member of the Ways and Means Committee, Kevin was responsible for the most important reforms for economic freedom in decades. He authored and secured passage for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which made our businesses more competitive in the global economy and led to record growth and opportunity for all Americans.

“He also worked tirelessly with the Trump administration to redo trade agreements with Canada and Mexico. And when the country faced the worst economic crisis in a generation, Kevin was instrumental in building economic programs that protected the American worker and the small businesses devastated by the pandemic. 

“Throughout his career he always put Houston priorities first. And as the city became an economic leader in the country, Kevin ensured that the policy mix that brought Houston success was shared throughout the country — primarily through energy independence. 

“What led to such a distinctive career is what truly defines Kevin as a person: his optimism. He is an optimist who always puts the needs of his constituents and America first. You could see that in everything he did as a leader in Congress.

“Ultimately, Kevin distinguished himself in Congress because he is a man of character and integrity whose faith in the American people is endless. That is why he earned the respect of everyone he worked with. And that is a legacy to be proud of.

“Judy and I wish Kevin, Cathy, and his two boys all the best as they enter a new season of life. In the meantime, I look forward to working with him for the next 20 months to get Americans back to work, back to school, and back to health.”