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“Yesterday, the country paused to recognize our nation’s veterans. And on behalf of the entire Republican conference, I want to express our heartfelt appreciation to every veteran who has served our country. Their commitment to service and love of country exemplifies the very best of America.

“They deserve leaders in Washington who will hold the line and do their part in protecting our individual liberties at home. That is why I couldn’t be prouder of the House Republicans [ready to join the 117th Congress.]

“It will be the most diverse class we’ve ever had. Many have already dubbed this the year of Republican Women, and it couldn’t be a truer statement. We are [poised] to have 29 House Republican women join our ranks, surpassing the previous record.

“Every Democrat incumbent who lost either lost to a woman, minority, or veteran Republican.

“Meanwhile, Democrats are set to have the slimmest majority since WWII. Pundits doubted us. Polls were stacked against us… Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said they would gain 15 seats. Cheri Bustos, the head of the DCCC for, I guess, a few days longer, [claimed] that there would be double-digit victories…

“They were all wrong. Not one incumbent Republican lost. Republicans won from Miami to New York, to Minnesota, and to California…

“I heard the Speaker call it a mandate. It was a mandate against socialism, it was a mandate against defunding the police, it was a mandate against wasting a majority [like] the Democrats have done for the last Congress. 

“While the Democrats praised socialism and advocated to defund the police, our members made a Commitment to America that they would restore our way of life, rebuild our economy, and renew the American Dream.  

“We are eager and ready to show up to work, unlike the Democrats.

“Yesterday, Chairperson Lofgren signaled that the Democrats have infrastructure in place to ensure Democrats can continue to get paid for not showing up to work… Millions of Americans have returned to work, and millions more want to return. If they are willing to show up in person, so can we. 

“Just as we did with their proxy voting scheme – House Republicans will stand up for and defend the Constitution, even if it gets in the way of Democrats’ boat vacations and road trips to rocket launches. We believe Congress is essential.

“Our success is already threatening Democrats – instead of planning to work with us, they are already plotting ways to silence the minority party’s voice in Congress. They want to change the rules of the Motion to Recommit – the legislative tool the minority party can use to influence, improve legislation, and serve as their constituents’ voice in D.C.

“We won’t let them silence us.

“This election cycle has made one thing clear — the Republican Party is now the Party of the American Worker. That is the actual mandate from the voters. We are going to fight for them, push back against Democrats’ radical policies, and we will continue to put America first.”