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Last week, I commemorated National Law Enforcement Week with a bike ride down our National Mall alongside United States Capitol Police. This ride—the ‘Back the Blue Bike Tour’—was a moment to ride shoulder-to-shoulder with the men and women in blue who put their lives on the line each day to keep Congress safe.

This past year was one of the toughest years on record for our law enforcement officers: 394 officers died in the line of duty. But this is more than a statistic—these heroes were mothers, fathers, spouses and friends who paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend communities across America.

During law enforcement week—and all weeks—we honor the service of our law enforcement officers and recall the names, the stories, and the legacies of the fallen to ensure that their sacrifice was not in vain.

House Republicans will never defund our police.




PS—the Republican Address is back and better than ever. This past week, Kat Cammack—the wife of a firefighter and medic herself—delivered stirring remarks on our first responders, law enforcement officers, and their families. Check it out HERE.