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“You have Congressman Omar who wants to dismantle America, Joe Biden who wants to defund the police, and now you have Nancy Pelosi who’s allowing to us destroy statues.

“Think for one moment — Nancy Pelosi, a very strong Catholic, they tear down St. Serra’s statue in her district… I joined with her, Joe Biden, and Pope Francis praying for [St. Serra], and she says nothing.

“Now in her home town that she grew up in, in Baltimore, they knocked down Christopher Columbus… and what does she say? ‘People will do what they do.’ This is what leadership would look like under Joe Biden — surrender to the socialists, surrender to the mob, and that will not bring America back.

“I believe what President Trump says, we’re going to rebuild, renew, and restore this country to be even stronger than we were before…

“You cannot [allow] a whole generation to fall back without being educated.

“For those parents who are watching your show, they are more than parents today — they are teachers, they have become coaches, they have become tutors.

“Society cannot hold back, we can do this safely, [in a way that] protects student and teachers — if Congress would act.”