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Washington, D.C. – At his weekly press conference, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) highlighted important issues to the American people that the Democrat Party has ignored in its first 200 days as the majority in the House of Representatives, including the crisis at the border, ratifying the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, and lowering prescription drug prices.

Highlights are below, or watch the full press conference here.

Democrats Fail to Deliver:

“Just this morning, I saw that the House Democrats held a press conference to celebrate the first 200 days in the majority in this Congress. What I can’t figure out, is what they are celebrating? What have they actually accomplished? That’s not even a question from me, it’s a question America is asking, and it’s a question internally. A congresswoman’s chief of staff actually tweeted a question challenging any person in America to name one thing this Democrat majority has accomplished for the American public around their kitchen table. […]  So what I thought I would do is look at what were the numbers at this moment at this time in the last Congress when there was a different majority. So I first looked at the number of bills passed out of committeethere were 308 bills passed by this moment. The Democrats, who just celebrated their 200 days, haven’t even passed 200 bills out of committee – they are at 184.”


“Earlier this week a new Gallup Poll showed about a third of our country believes immigration is the top issue currently facing our nation…one-third says that’s the number one issue. In close to 20 years, only a handful of issues have ever become that prominent in the minds of Americans… They first said it was a made up crisis. Then we waited more than 58 days to have a supplemental to actually have the funds to deal with those coming across the border and care for them that [Democrats] said they cared so much about. Only then, after all this time, after the Senate showed the way by having a bipartisan vote, and after the number of times this new Democrat Socialist majority tried to deny it, did we get the bill passed. The American public knows it’s a crisis. The only people who do not believe it’s a crisis is the majority party inside the House of Representatives.”


“Earlier this summer the Administration started the process to get the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement through Congress. Mexico has already done all the work. [Canadian Prime Minister Justin] Trudeau said he’s waiting on us. He said he will have to call everyone back to take a vote once we take action. What will [the USMCA] do? It will only make our country stronger and more prosperous and create more jobs and put the debate with China in an even stronger position for America…”

Drug Pricing: 

“… Another failure on their part. Surprise billing, one of the biggest concerns we have in America today where you as an individual look into your network, go to a hospital for a procedure but somehow find out the doctor is not in the network and you get a bill outside of your insurance cost. We haven’t dealt with that. I didn’t hear any celebration in those 200 days.”


“Think of the resolution we passed just this week for the anti-Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel. The Senate passed a bill, Senate-1, with 77 votes. Leader Schumer not only voted for the bill, he cosponsored it. But [House Democrats] didn’t run that bill through committee, that’s not one that has passed of the few that they’ve been able to get done. They decided instead to hold it up and move a resolution because words are so much stronger than law in their world. And when there was a failure of time in their whole day of Mueller, there was a motion to recommit that could put [anti-BDS legislation] into a bill, not for language, even though there was more than 300 people who voted for it, a strong bipartisan resolution. There was a point to take your words and actually put it into law – they stood on the floor and argued against it, and voted against it. I wonder if they celebrated that in their 200 days – that they will say one thing, but they won’t carry it out because maybe they really don’t mean it.

“And then, something that never happened in the Republican majority, for the fourth time, [Democrats] lost a motion to recommit. If you really want to see the Democratic party, it’s not the Democratic party of old, it’s a new Socialist Democratic party that has an internal fight within itself, that is primary-ing one another and continuing to harm the American public because they can’t get their work done. The U.S. House of Representatives under their majority has become the U.S. House of Resolutions. So they are celebrating 200 days of doing resolutions, but were never able to provide law. It’s holding America back.”