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“The country needs to understand what is at stake in this election, and you can sum it up in three [points]… Democrats want to defund our police and border patrol, they want to dismantle our social, economic, and political institutions… and then, Pelosi simply wants to destroy our economy with taxes.

“For Republicans, it’s simple, we want to renew the American dream… We want to restore our way of life… And, we want to rebuild the biggest economy this country has ever seen…

“When we went to put the CARES Act together remember [Pelosi] flew in and she held that bill up, [despite] all the people that were going to be laid off and we had the Paycheck Protection Program to keep them hired. She held it up for a week.

“Then when we needed more money for the successful PPP program, what did she do? She went to her refrigerator with her gourmet ice cream and said ‘no.’

“And what is she doing now? She [again] is saying no and claims the Republicans are [holding it up]. When she held up the first bill, the only thing she got in that bill was more money for the Kennedy Center…

“You know what [Democrats] really do? They let [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] run this party. Joe Biden is not the head of the party today, it’s Bernie Sanders. He has surrendered to the socialists.

“Which one of them stands up to [Ocasio-Cortez] or Tlaib when they say they disagree with this nation? Who stands up for the American way of life? They don’t….