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Washington, D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) delivered the following remarks today on the House floor on H. Res. 639, the Open and Transparent Impeachment Investigation Resolution, to allow all Members of Congress access to ongoing impeachment proceedings, including depositions and transcribed interviews:

“The larger issue goes beyond what the Democrats are doing in one committee. It is what they have failed to do as a majority,” Leader McCarthy said.

“Members of Congress have a solemn duty to work to keep our nation safe, secure, and more prosperous than it was yesterday. We are expected to analyze sensitive information to gain a more in depth understanding of the needs of the American people and the threats our country faces on a daily basis.

“That role is even more consequential for the members of the Intelligence Committee — who are entrusted with privileged information that other Members cannot access. You would expect them to focus day and night on securing our nation and promoting our national security priorities abroad.

“But that has not been the case in this Congress.

“Under the Democrat majority, the most basic responsibilities of the committee have been neglected. Instead, the House Intelligence Committee is using its time and resources to run a sham impeachment inquiry in secret.

“Members of this chamber will be asked to take one of the gravest votes a member could take — before seeing a single transcript from a witness deposition. The information Members — and the public — hear is incomplete or intentionally distorted by selective leaks.

“Meanwhile, at what cost does this impeachment effort come? As Democrats push forward with this sham partisan process, our nation is losing its intelligence edge around the world, particularly against China.

“Not only are there significant intelligence gaps in order to accurately assess the Chinese threat, the Chinese are actually ahead of us when it comes to technological capabilities that are critical to national security.

“The Intelligence Committee’s members are uniquely qualified to formulate our nation’s response. But they cannot address these challenges because of the Committee’s continued distraction over impeachment.

“The larger issue goes beyond what the Democrats are doing in one committee. It is what they have failed to do as a majority.

“Their trend of inaction strikes at home. They have failed to swiftly pass the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. In fact, they voted to prioritize impeachment over it earlier today. They have failed to address surprise medical billing. They have failed to secure our border or reform our crumbling infrastructure. And they have failed to lower prescription drug prices in a bipartisan way.

“Now, House Democrats are failing to pass appropriation bills that would end the Continuing Resolution and fund the government. As a result, pay increases for our troops, disaster recovery funds, and NIH medical research funding are all at a stalemate.

“Each of these failures represent an enormous opportunity cost for the American people.

“Democrats have chosen impeachment over getting anything done — even though they previously warned of that exact problem.

“In August, Congresswoman Slotkin said, ‘People in my district are wanting us to pass bills, and they fear that if we go down this path of impeachment, we’re not going to be working on the things that affect their lives, their pocketbooks, their kids.’

“In September, Rep. Max Rose said, ‘Impeachment will not fix our roads and bridges or lower the costs of drugs… The truth is impeachment will only tear our country further apart and we will see no progress on the enormous challenges we face as a nation.’

“Democrats said their majority would be different. They promised the American public that if they entrusted them with the majority, they would act different — that they would put people before politics. The polls we see today show that more people can tell you about the investigations, but they can’t tell you anything that has been accomplished. They have broken their promise to solve problems, work for all Americans, and focus on passing legislation.

“There are 22 legislative days left on the calendar — 22. In that brief time, we have a lot of work to do. But we cannot fulfill our responsibilities if members of this chamber continue to turn their backs on the promise they made when their constituents sent them to Washington.

“How much money was spent? How many ads were made? How many promises were given that the majority would be different? How many things they said they would accomplish? How much time have they wasted? We are 13 months from an election, but we have not accomplished a thing. We are better than this.

“If you only listened to what Members on the other side of the aisle said in just August and September before the political pressure forced them to change their mind. If the Speaker had only waited 48 hours, we would not put America through another nightmare. We would not break the fabric of democracy in this nation. This is the People’s House….22 more days, we ask the [Democrats] to keep the promise [they] made to the American public and stop the sham.

“I yield back.”