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Washington, D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined CNBC’s’ “Squawk Box” last week to discuss Elizabeth Warren’s corporate tax plan and the Democrats’ first 100 day in the Majority.

Excerpts of Leader McCarthy’s interview can be found below, or you can watch the full video here.

On Elizabeth Warren’s Corporate Tax Plan and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
“Elizabeth Warren is wanting to tax the job creators. We are now at a forty-nine and a half year low for unemployment claims. That means more people are working. Why? Because we lowered the corporate rate from thirty-five to twenty-one. I give it that no Democrat voted for that. That it was only the Republicans who were able to get that through, but it’s benefiting all Americans, whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Green Party – it is making America stronger.

On the Democrats’ First 100 Days
“We’re at 100 days. You know what the Democrats have said? They’re not passing a budget. Their own Chair of Appropriations said in a closed room, they don’t deserve to be in the majority if they can’t do this. Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker, has said for years, ‘Show me your budget, show me your values.’ Well you know what? The only thing they have done in this new 100 days: radicalism, they do resolutions – 20% of the time they spend on resolutions, not on bills. Imagine if we spent 20% of our time on lowering the premiums, or going after the deficit, or putting in infrastructure. We would be stronger, I think America does deserve better.”