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Washington D.C. – At his weekly press conference, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) delivered the following remarks on the Democrat majority’s irresponsible handling of the impeachment inquiry. Leader McCarthy went on to say that should Speaker Pelosi refuse to seek approval of the full House of Representatives in this critical decision, as is longstanding precedent, he will again give all members the opportunity to go on record on this matter.

“What we witnessed today was the perfect example of this Democrat majority, and how reckless they have handled this significant responsibility. In fact — I want to use Chairman Schiff’s own words to describe this Democrat majority: a parody.

“If you watched Chairman Schiff this morning, he used a fake dialogue at the top of the hearing between President Trump and the President of Ukraine – it just shows how unserious they are about getting the facts. For them – it’s all about the narrative. Not the truth.

“But we already know this. Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds the office of the speaker — third in line to the presidency. She opened an impeachment inquiry without even seeing one word of evidence. In what world is that responsible? It may be one place we expect a freshman member of Congress to tweet that we should have an impeachment inquiry, but this is the Speaker of the House. Without one bit of evidence, she opens an impeachment inquiry. Even her own members questioned: did she move too soon?

“And when the evidence was released, the Democrats and many in the media twisted it to what they wanted to believe, just to fold into their political narrative. This is what their impeachment is all about. It’s just politics. But not politics the way the American public expects Congress to act. This is the People’s House. This is the body where the voice should be heard — not one voice in the Speaker, but the voice of the millions of Americans who lend it to their Representative.

“Consider the last time the House looked at impeachment of a sitting President. It first passed a resolution to recognize the importance of a full House vote. I want to read to you what the House resolution said: ‘Because the issue of impeachment is of such overwhelming importance, the Committee decided that it must receive authorization from the full House before proceeding on any further course of action.’

“It went on to say: ‘Because impeachment is delegated solely to the House of Representatives by the Constitution, the full House of Representatives should be involved in critical decision making regarding various stages of impeachment.’

“That is why you saw the resolution we brought forth on the floor last night.

“As we depart for a twoweek recess, every member owes it to their constituents. The constituents are the ones who lent their voice to the members for two years, and they should be very clear on where they stand. And if Speaker Pelosi refuses to seek approval of the whole House in this critical decision — as is longstanding practice of this body — I will again give all members the opportunity to go on record on this matter. I ask every member to take this vote seriously.

“America is too great for a vision so small of just impeachment and investigation.

“The Democrats promised they would be different if America trusted them with the majority. They have failed the American public and they have gone against the rules of this House simply for one thing: their own politics.

“We had a Speaker of the House move to have an impeachment inquiry without one word of evidence, before she even read the [transcript]. Now the evidence is out, and I think she owes the American public an apology.”