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Washington, D.C. – Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy released a statement in honor of the participants in the 47th Annual March for Life, the largest pro-life gathering in the country:

“Today our nation’s Capitol becomes a symbol of hope and joy for the world to see. The March for Life is an annual event that draws thousands of people to serve as a voice for our unborn children. As a father and as someone who believes our greatest miracle is life, I could not be prouder to stand alongside them as they stand up for the most vulnerable population among us.

“Over the course of the last few years, the national discourse surrounding life has at times seemed disheartening. It is incomprehensible to think that some individuals question whether to support life. Children aren’t an inconvenience – they are a beautiful part of God’s plan.

“President Trump will be the first president to speak in person at the March for Life, but his passion for life extends well beyond one day. Through his leadership, his administration has made significant strides in the fight for life. He has appointed pro-life judges, slashed taxpayer funding for abortion providers, and created a new office for conscience protection at the Department of Health and Human Services. His advocacy and initiative has moved our country in the right direction and I am optimistic we will continue to make meaningful progress.

“Our work is far from done. But when I look at the energy of today’s marchers and the actions of this administration, I am invigorated. The fight for life will win in America not only because it is right, but because it gives people hope that every life has value and deserves a chance.”