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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement on the House’s unveiling of the report from the Task Force on Restoring Constitutional Authority:

“The rise of the administrative state has gradually eroded the constitutional balance of power, but over the past eight years, the Obama Administration has accelerated this dangerous trend. Unelected, faceless, and nameless bureaucrats who effectively legislate without accountability are increasingly asserting governing power at the expense of the people and their elected representatives. The result of this increasingly powerful administrative state has been the creation of an ocean of regulations with the force of law that few read, fewer understand, and most of which would never stand up to public scrutiny. Though repeatedly decrying executive overreach as a Senator, President Obama has raised such overreach to an art form, bending the law to such extremes that the courts have repeatedly rebuked him.

“Reestablishing a proper constitutional separation of powers where the legislature legislates and the executive executes the law isn’t and shouldn’t be a partisan issue. This is about restoring a government where the people are the ultimate source of power, not unknown and unelected employees of the executive branch. The Task Force on Restoring Constitutional Authority has outlined a plan that would reassert the power of the people. Thanks to the hard work of all the chairmen and members who participated in this task force, we can make Washington accountable again.”