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The oil export ban is a relic of the past that makes no sense in today’s globalized world. America is the top oil and gas producer on earth, and we should use that energy to grow our economy and strengthen our standing abroad. But right now, we’re being held back by a protectionist policy that restricts free enterprise.

In the House’s upcoming appropriations bill we will lift the oil export ban, which will:

  • Continue America’s energy renaissance that has increased GDP by billions of dollars and boosted the American economy
  • Create and sustain thousands of jobs
  • Narrow the U.S. trade deficit
  • Allow America to compete in the international marketplace and stabilize global supplies
  • Help our friends and allies by releasing them from dependence on energy from foreign aggressors and other destabilizing countries

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said this about lifting the oil export ban:

“The resurgence in America’s oil and gas resources has changed the game of America’s energy future. To fully realize the economic growth and geopolitical shift that comes with renewed abundance, our policies must move out of the past and embrace a changing future. Lifting the oil export ban will help reboot our struggling economy here at a home and reassures our allies that the resources they need are now available from a friend.”

American energy can be used as fuel for prosperity and as a tool to stabilize an increasingly dangerous world. When we lift the oil export ban, we can finally use the vastness of our natural resources and the power of our innovative spirit to make America and the world more prosperous and secure.