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Manufacturers haven’t had it easy in this country, and government regulations and taxes have restrained their ability to compete, hire more workers, and pay better wages. In 2012, American manufacturers were hit again when the Miscellaneous Tariffs Bill—really a manufacturing tax incentive that producers rely on—expired, putting businesses here at home at a disadvantage to their global competitors.

After yesterday’s markup by the Ways and Means Committee, I have scheduled the Miscellaneous Tariffs bill for the floor next week to be voted on under suspension. American manufacturers can’t wait any longer to be relieved from the extra tax burden that has been placed on them the past few years—a tax burden that costs our economy $2 billion every year.

So the House will consider new legislation that will restore the Miscellaneous Tariffs Bill while creating a new and reformed process that is both transparent and maintains the House’s ban on wasteful earmarks. I want to thank Chairman Kevin Brady (TX-08), and Representatives David Reichert (WA-08), Patrick Tiberi (OH-12), Tom Reed (NY-23), James Renacci (OH-16), Mark Walker (NC-06), Mick Mulvaney (SC-05), Rod Blum (IA-01), Tom McClintock (CA-04), and Todd Rokita (IN-04) for their work creating such a strong, bipartisan bill.

With this legislation our economy will grow, supporting more jobs and more businesses that make their goods right here in America.

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