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Washington, D.C. – Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement after the House passed three measures aimed at supporting the millions of protesters in Hong Kong fighting for basic human rights:

“For weeks, millions have bravely taken to the streets of Hong Kong to demand their liberties be protected and the territory’s autonomy respected. Just yesterday, thousands of Hongkongers waved the American flag as they asked the world to hear their calls for freedom.

 “Today, the House of Representatives responded in solidarity with the millions of people in Hong Kong who are standing up for democracy and speaking out against the repressive communist regime of China. The United States hears you, Hong Kong, and the measures passed today are a step toward proving that.

 “The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019, for one, requires the U.S. government to examine whether Hong Kong is sufficiently autonomous to justify its special treatment – a relationship Beijing’s expanding influence has increasingly jeopardized. The act also requires the U.S. government to investigate possible human rights violations against protesters in Hong Kong, including accusations of arbitrary detentions and police brutality. If rights have been violated, the U.S. will apply sanctions to punish those responsible. Similarly, the Protect Hong Kong Act seeks to prevent police from using violent non-lethal weapons on protesters. Further, the House voted to re-affirm the critical U.S.-Hong Kong relationship in a show of support for the pro-democracy protesters and against oppressive Chinese interference in the region.

 “These measures serve as a reminder that America stands with those who stand for freedom. I hope the House’s actions deliver more inspiration to Hong Kong, and courage to those around the world who are forced to fight for basic human rights.”


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