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As House Democrats present their flimsy impeachment case to the Senate, take a look at some of the Senate Democrats who have already said they will vote to convict President Trump.

Senator Elizabeth Warren – who is running for President – told the media in October that she has seen enough evidence to convict President Trump. (SEIU Conference, 10/4/19)

Reporter: “Have you seen enough evidence so far to impeach – have you seen enough evidence to convict, yourself?”

Senator Warren: “Yes.”

Senator Richard Blumenthal wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post titled: “Yes, Trump is guilty of bribery” – before the House even voted to impeach:

Senator Kamala Harris – who was running for President, was asked by NBC’s Katy Tur: “If the vote was put to you today, I know this is an ‘if,’ to convict the president in the Senate and remove him from office would you be voting yes?” (MSNBC, 10/7/19)

Senator Harris:Yes, based on everything I’ve seen, Yes.”

Senator Chris Murphy:The president’s actions are impeachable and worthy of removal, and personally I think it would be kind of disingenuous to not share my opinion given how much information I have in front of me.” (Politico, 1/3/20)

Senator Mazie Hirono: “And the facts are that he committed an impeachable act, and I will vote to convict him. (MSNBC interview, 12/19/19)

Democrats know they can’t beat President Trump in an election, so they will do whatever it takes to get him out of office before they lose again.