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Earlier this year, I joined together with other members of the House to begin the Innovation Initiative because when we look around us, we see government-made obstacles are impeding people’s success and that government itself is stuck in the past.

So we embarked on a mission to bring government into the 21st century, making Washington face today’s problems with new ideas to help the American people. And next week, we continue our progress.

On Friday, the House will consider Representative Adam Kinzinger’s (IL-16) broadband access bill that stops the Federal Communications Commission from regulating rates charged for Internet access. As Leader McCarthy said,

“The Internet offers endless opportunity. Therefore, reliable access is a cornerstone of our country’s ability to educate and innovate. Next week the House will consider Representative Adam Kinzinger’s No Rate Regulation of Broadband Internet Access Act, which protects Americans from the Federal government finagling with price structures and leaving many without a connection to the 21st century.”

What we’ve already accomplished

Representative Kinzinger’s bill is just the latest of the Innovation Initiative. We’ve already passed four bills with strong bipartisan majorities:

  • The Small Business Broadband Deployment Act—the first legislation to pass under the Innovation Initiative from Representative Greg Walden (OR-02)—ensures small Internet service providers can continue to bring Internet to less populated parts of the U.S. without regulations getting in the way.
  • The Promoting Women in Entrepreneurship Act also by Representative Barbara Comstock (VA-10) authorizes the National Science Foundation to work with its entrepreneurship programs to recruit more women who can be the top innovators in the lab and beyond.

America has unprecedented potential in the 21st century. With the Innovation Initiative, we can help give every American the opportunity to succeed.