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“The cost of a 4th of July cookout in 2021 is down $0.16,” the Biden administration embarrassingly touted last year. One year after it posted its laughable gif, Americans are now expected to pay on average $12 more on their Independence Day holiday gatherings. Like almost every holiday recognized since President Biden took office, this Fourth of July is predicted to be the most expensive one ever for American families.

Ground beef is up 36% from last year, chicken breasts are up 33% from last year, and the price of gasoline continues its war on the American paycheck, averaging $4.87 a gallon across the country. “For everyday people, for the vast majority of people, [high gasoline prices] really stops them from having a quality of life,” said California driver Mary Ellen. Even fireworks are estimated to be costing 10-20% more than last year, putting a damper on an American tradition.

Under President Biden’s watch, real disposable incomes have fallen 12%, meaning the average American household is doing far worse than it was a year ago. With high gas prices, rising food costs, and an out-of-touch administration, it’s no wonder that 85% of Americans feel that the country is on the wrong track, including 8 in 10 Democrats.

The American people deserve real solutions, not empty promises from this president. He recently called for suspending the federal gas tax — a move that his own party acknowledges is dead on arrival in both chambers of Congress — but has refused to make moves that will provide long-term regulatory certainty for America’s domestic energy production.

Here’s one idea for the Biden administration: pass the American Energy Independence from Russia ActThis Republican-led legislation would promote domestic production by restarting oil and gas leasing on federal lands and water, which was previously halted by the Biden administration. These solutions could help drive down gas and food costs.

The American people cannot afford another year of Democrat one-party rule.