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House Republicans have identified the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill as costly, corrupt, and liberal. Now, even the Biden White House agrees; this bill is liberal — very liberal.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki proclaimed that the American Rescue Plan is the “most progressive piece of legislation in history.” So much for unity and bipartisanship.

The White House and congressional Democrats have abandoned any pretense of unity, opting instead to pass a $2 trillion liberal wish list that showers money on blue states and foreign countries but spends just 9% actually combating the virus. After five bipartisan pandemic relief packages, this bill is on track to be the first passed under strict party-line votes.

This partisan approach is nothing new for House Democrats. Just this year, they have passed three major bills without any bipartisan support, including: H.R. 1 (the “For the Politicians” Act), H.R. 1280 (a bill to defund the police), and of course when they first passed their $1.9 trillion liberal wish list.

We’re also tracking a problem on the horizon similar to what we saw last spring: businesses are struggling to compete with the government to get their employees back to work. While last year it was businesses looking for a quick return to normal after brief shutdowns and running into the lure of generous temporary benefits and the safety of being at home during a coursing pandemic, today it’s President Biden’s “most progressive piece of legislation in history” disincentivizing work for the long term. And as more of the country gets vaccinated and the reasons for not returning to work dwindle, we fear this will only continue to hurt small business owners, like Sondra, a restaurant owner in Vermont, ready to start their life and support their families again.