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President Obama is heading to the Pentagon with his national security team to talk with our nation’s top generals about the fight against ISIS. The question is, will anything change?

In a rare address from the oval office last week, President Obama spent a lot of time reassuring the American people that everything was fine while offering no changes to an inadequate strategy that has allowed ISIS’s terror to spread. His words weren’t encouraging.

The American people are smart enough to know when something is working or not, and it’s obvious that the President’s current strategy isn’t working. Far from being contained—much less defeated—ISIS has now extended the reach of its terror farther than ever before. And the longer ISIS continues to exist in the face of opposition, the more they can recruit, radicalize, and grow.

It’s no wonder that following the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, terrorism now tops the list of what the American people are most concerned about.

So, when the President returns from the Pentagon, will he continue to double down on more of the same, or will he respond to Congress and the American people’s calls for a strong and winning strategy? For the sake of American safety and global stability, the President should admit his strategy isn’t working and do something different.