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Last month, the Democrats passed the single most expensive spending bill in American history. It cost nearly $1.9 trillion dollars. Let’s see how your money is being spent.

1,900,000,000,000 dollars divided by 330,000,000 Americans equals $5,757 per American. So every American should be getting a check for about that much, right?

WRONG. Only SOME Americans will be getting money back. And even then, they’ll only get up to $1,400 per person. So what’s happening to the rest of the money?

It’s going to 

  •         Health care that illegal immigrants are eligible for  – $15 Billion
  •         Welfare without work requirements – $111 Billion
  •         Bailout for blue states – $350 Billion

In fact, only 9% of the entire $1.9 Trillion goes to fighting the virus. The rest is a payoff from Pelosi. And it’s youthe American taxpayerand your children who are footing the bill.