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“Yesterday, Speaker Pelosi dismissed any scrutiny of China and their actions as a ‘diversion.’

“We know that if China didn’t lie to the world, 95% of this crisis would have been contained. We know that China has leveraged their stockpile of personal protective equipment for their political gain. We know that China is hacking our companies and universities looking for a vaccine, undermining our efforts to find a vaccine and save lives.

“Thousands are dead or sick, and millions are out of work because of China, and Speaker Pelosi is so tone-deaf that she just dismisses China as a ‘diversion.’

“Speaker Pelosi refused to address the threats from China, refused to even join what was supposed to be a bipartisan task force on China- all so she could focus on a liberal wishlist and increase her own power… that is the real diversion.

“And Democrats’ warped priorities continue to be on full display today. For weeks now Republicans have urged the Speaker to re-open Congress and get us back to work for the country. But eroding the power of the people and attempting to pass a parody of a relief bill isn’t what we had in mind. Yet, that is exactly what Democrats have on the agenda for today.

“First let me talk through their ‘proxy vote,’ or Congress’s most significant power grab in history actually means:

  • Lets members of Congress stay home while they continue to collect a paycheck — a luxury many Americans don’t have
  • Diminishes the voice of the people — individuals lend their voice to their representative… 
  • Tramples on the Constitution and destroys 200-years of precedent and tradition, and gives power to 20 people who are actually voting for what the Speaker wants…

“We will also be voting on the Democrats’ so-called Heroes Act, or a more suitable description “Pelosi’s Partisan Wishlist.” The only bipartisan consensus on this joke of a legislation, including analysis by the media, is that this bill is an unrealistic proposal that has no chance of becoming law.

“Here are a just a few examples of how this bill is beyond parody, and includes many provisions that have absolutely nothing to do with fighting COVID-19:

  • Mentions ‘cannabis’ more than ‘job’ 
  • Aims to change election laws, suspends the cap on SALT tax deductions – a policy change that would directly benefit millionaires and billionaires
  • Provides millions of more dollars for an endowment for the arts and humanities

“Instead of pushing a liberal wishlist, we must focus on helping to get America back to work safely, incentivizing rehiring and removing regulatory barriers to help job creation, protecting our mom and pop shops from frivolous lawsuits, and returning our supply chain from China. 

“That should be our focus – it is why the American people voted for us to represent them in Washington, and it is the mission we must work tirelessly to fulfill.”