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There is a crisis at our southern border, and the Democrats are in denial.

Over the weekend, the American people learned several new alarming details that demonstrate how this crisis is worsening. We learned that Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has requested air support from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to fly migrants to northern states for processing.

We learned the Biden administration is spending $86 million for hotel rooms to house 1,200 migrants at the border,

And we learned that in an unprecedented move, Border Patrol in the Rio Grande Valley is now releasing illegal immigrants into the U.S. — without a court date. And when the individuals are released, there is no guarantee they will be tested for Covid.

But Democrats and the Biden administration continue to deny there is a crisis at all.

On Friday, Speaker Pelosi claimed the “Biden administration has this under control.”

On Sunday, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas falsely claimed that the border is “closed” and that the administration continues to effectively use Title 42 (a policy enacted under the Trump administration to expel migrants to prevent the spread of coronavirus). In reality, the Biden administration has severely curtailed the use of Title 42.

He also downplayed the escalating crisis by claiming DHS has “dealt with surges in the past.” But even CNN noted that Mayorkas seemed to be ignoring his own warning that illegal border crossings are on track to hit a 20-year high.

The Big Difference:

Take it from migrants who told reporters that they crossed the border because Biden is president now and not Trump:

MARTHA RADDATZ, ABC: “Would you have tried to do this when Donald Trump was president?”

MIGRANT: “Definitely not.”

RADDATZ: “Did you come here because Joe Biden was elected president?”

MIGRANT: “Basically.”

Another woman from Guatemala said “Biden promised that we could cross with minors,” which is why she made the dangerous trek to our southern border.

This crisis could have been avoided. Months ago, CBP officials warned the incoming Biden team that reversing President Trump’s policies would result in a crisis, specifically a surge of unaccompanied children. But Biden reversed these policies anyway.

“Gag Order”

Another troubling fact is the Biden administration’s refusal to allow reporters cover what’s taking place at the border. So while Secretary Mayorkas attempts to reassure us there is nothing to see here, he’s blocking the American people from observing what’s really happening. A Getty photographer recently summed up how the Biden administration treats the press differently: “I have photographed CBP under Bush, Obama and Trump but now – zero access is granted to media.” That is not transparency.


Leader McCarthy and a delegation of House Republicans recently went to the border near El Paso, Texas to assess the crisis, and stand ready to help address it. In his recent letter to President Biden, Leader McCarthy requested a meeting to discuss the crisis and outlined several policy recommendations.

1: Re-start construction on the wall in priority areas along the border and disperse the proper security technology needed to complement the physical structure.
2: Reinstate the “Remain-in-Mexico” program.
3: Maintain Title 42 authorities to quickly expel migrants shortly after they illegally cross the border during a pandemic, something Border Patrol agents on the ground specifically insist is a valuable tool.
4: Send a clear united message to the citizens of Mexico and Central America: do not make the dangerous journey to the United States to cross the border illegally. There are legal avenues to enter our country. Doing otherwise is in violation of our laws.
5: Create a robust Covid testing program for migrants who are detained to prevent outbreaks in our communities.

We cannot allow this humanitarian, security, and public health crisis to continue. We must work together to implement solutions that will restore security at our southern border.