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We’re hearing a lot about the word unity lately. After the past year, there’s no doubt a more unified nation will be better for all Americans. But unifying requires more than just words. We have to act on the job our constituents sent us to Congress to do, and that job should be undisputed across party lines: create opportunities for all Americans to pursue prosperous and free lives.

Today, there are immediate tasks needed to achieve that:

  1. Get Americans back to work
  2. Get our children back in school
  3. Vaccinate every American who wants to be vaccinated. And quickly.

That was our mission with our Commitment to America and it remains our mission today.

I agree that in an effort to truly unify, we should do our part to lower the political temperature. But we won’t bend on our values nor on policies that do not directly serve these immediate national priorities. Unity isn’t achieved by rallying around single-party rule. Unity isn’t achieved by alienating nearly half the country through a one-sided agenda that barely addresses the national crises we face.

Right now, President Biden’s actions aren’t matching his words to be a President for all Americans or to serve our national interest.

I held a press conference this week and what was fascinating, yet unsurprising, was that every question was about President Trump or palace intrigue about our conference. Not one question was on the Biden administration’s agenda or how it plans to work with Republicans to help our fellow citizens. As conservatives, it is up to us to hold this administration accountable to do the right thing for all Americans. We must measure every appropriate proposal from the Biden administration with one simple question: will it help? Will it help restore our way of life, rebuild our economy, or renew the American dream?

If the answer is no, then in our words and especially in our actions, we will show what does.

Will revoking the Keystone XL permit create good blue-collar jobs?

Will giving citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants help Americans who are out of work get back into the workforce?

Does threatening federal funds to local schools based on how they organize their athletic programs help get more children back in the classroom — let alone unite us?

Will rejoining the Paris Climate Accord or World Health Organization prove to our citizens that they are our number one priority?

The Biden administration is preaching unity while taking actions to further divide our country—like assembling a partisan reconciliation package behind closed doors that would completely circumvent Republican input. They appear more focused on apologizing and pandering to everyone but Americans at home who need our help.

We must keep our Commitment to America, and be ready to work. Let’s make sure we get businesses back open, kids back in school, and we get a vaccine to every person who wants one. Achieving this lifts up all Americans.

That is a unified agenda. That’s an agenda we will work towards every day.

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