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Washington, D.C. – On Fox News’ Fox and Friends as well as at a weekly press conference this morning, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) discussed Speaker Pelosi and her House Democrats’ attempts to pursue their political impeachment behind closed doors. Leader McCarthy asked how the American public is supposed to trust the outcome of this sham process when even the members of Congress they lend their voices to are shut out from the proceedings.

“You have a better chance of having a fair judicial system in China than in Speaker Pelosi’s House of Representatives,” Leader McCarthy said on Fox and Friends.

The Democrats Re-Write America’s Judicial Process:
“In America, you’re innocent until proven guilty. But that’s not the case when the Democrats look at the President. Congressman Max Rose [said] if the President says he’s innocent, he has to prove it. When it comes to the President, Democrats believe you’re guilty until you prove you’re innocent…

“When impeachment came up for Republican President Nixon, there was a Democrat Speaker [of the House]. They created a process that was fair so that America would trust the outcome. When impeachment came up for Democratic [President] Clinton, there was a Republican Speaker, and they made sure everyone had a voice and a process that was fair because they knew [it was] their responsibility for the American public to see and understand [their decision]. That’s not the case today.”

The Democrats Pursue Impeachment Behind Closed Doors:
“[The impeachment inquiry] isn’t even in the Judiciary Committee where America can see it. It’s behind closed doors with Chairman [Adam Schiff] who has lied three times [while] looking the American public in the eye. And somehow, we’re supposed to trust what comes out of that? They’re denying members of Congress, who are lent the power and the voice of the American public, to even read what’s going on…

There’s so much more we could be doing and should be doing, from strengthening our economy and our debate with China, to lowering prescription drug costs, to making sure our military has all that they need to defend us around the world…the question that will be raised to every member inside this House [will be] did you spend your time on impeachment, or did you spend on what the American people asked you to do?

“[Democrats] promised they’d focus on the issues that America cared about. But that’s not the case.”