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Washington, D.C. – This morning, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures to discuss the bipartisan vote against the Democrats’ so-called “Coronavirus Relief” bill, noting, “The Socialists have brought this Swamp back. That’s what this bill shows.” 

He also pointed out that Democrats chose to send hardworking taxpayer money to Speaker Pelosi’s pet project, instead of children who need mental health resources.


“It’s just unbelievable. This thing is just so corrupt, so costly, and when you look at it, it’s just so liberal…We have done five other COVID bills, and every single one of those was bipartisan. The Biden Administration has become the most partisan administration in modern history.

“The real focus here should be putting people back to work, back to school, and back to health. This bill does not do it.”

“The irony here is, Nancy Pelosi, when it became public that she put in $112 million for a subway project that has failed, just outside of her district in Silicon Valley, in the dead of night, right before, she added more money to it – it’s up to $140 million. What we did, we tried to redirect the money. We put an amendment up to say let’s take that $140 million, apply it to parents to be able to use it for their children’s mental health. With kids being out of school…we find depression, suicide, anxiety…We could redirect that money to be spent there. Every single Democrat voted ‘no’ on that.” 

“The only bipartisan vote we had on the overall bill was ‘no.’ Every Republican and two Democrats joined with us.”

The Socialists have brought this Swamp back. That’s what this bill shows. The Swamp is back in Washington, and that’s what we have to fight. And I think we’re going to put up a pretty good fight. You wait. I believe in a short timeframe here, you’re going to watch us winning.”

We will listen to those men and women that have not been listened to before – the forgotten man and woman. Those are the people that we’re working for. To make America first, and continue to grow. This idea that we have this new partisan administration that opens the border, has a plan to open the border but not open our schools?”

“The Democrats, their very first bill, their most important bill that they’re moving..HR 1, it’s about protecting them, not helping the American public. They want to take taxpayer money, the hardworking taxpayer, to use it on their own campaigns. They want to change election law, so they can change the system, so they can [make it] guaranteed that they will always win. They want to have a czar that would take away free speech…This is the most important thing to them, to just hold onto power.