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There is a new majority in the House of Representatives, and guess what? They want the government to interfere in our free and fair elections.

It’s Nancy Pelosi’s number one priority. In fact, the legislation is called “H.R. 1.” Here’s what it would do:

First: the bill sends your taxpayer dollars to fund political campaigns. Not to build roads or bridges but to add 600 percent of taxpayer money to every small dollar donated by Americans. So let’s say Mary from Michigan donates $200 to her preferred candidate. Well, now you—the taxpayer—have just chipped in another 1,200 bucks.

Second: H.R. 1 would legalize voting for convicted felons all over the country…even if they were convicted of election fraud. Does that make sense to you? Not only is this dangerous…it’s unconstitutional.

Third: H.R. 1 would weaken the security of our elections and make it harder to protect against voter fraud. Here’s how: It would automatically register voters from DMV and other government databases. Voting is a right, not a mandate. In most cases, this legislation would actually prevent officials from removing ineligible voters from the rolls and would make it much more difficult to verify the accuracy of voter information. So future voters might be underage or dead or illegal immigrants, or registered two or three times….Democrats just don’t care.

Democrats call H.R. 1 the “For the People Act.” But it’s really a “For the Politicians Act.”  It’s not designed to protect your vote. It’s designed to put a thumb on the scale of every election in America and keep the swamp swampy.