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Jerusalem, Israel– Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) is currently leading a group of 30 House Republicans on a trip to Israel to symbolize our support for and friendship with our strongest Middle East ally. On Sunday, Leader McCarthy participated in a press conference with Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (MD-05), who is leading 41 House Democrats on a similar trip, in a show of bipartisan support for the Jewish State.

Highlights are below, or watch the full press conference here.

“This is not the first time we stand together talking about Israel. Many times throughout the year, we will go to meetings together because that is the importance we want to show. This is an unwavering, undeniable bond and the most important relationship we have in the Middle East and we want to make sure individuals know that and understand that. I do want to first thank you for spending time with all of us.

“I want to emphasize that this is more than 15 percent of the entire U.S. House of Representatives with you right now inside Israel. Many of the individuals behind me are freshmen. They know of the bond, but they also want to understand firsthand. The Democrats have gone through that most of this week, and Republicans have been here for a couple days and we will continue on.

“I want to underscore something Leader Hoyer said – he’s been here many times, this is my sixth trip. But when we both…sat down and he said there’s times when we go to Israel but we go at separate times. Why don’t we speak with one voice and why don’t we have overlap? So for the last six years, this is the third time Republicans and Democrats are here [at the] exact same time together. We’re here as one voice as Americans, seeing the same challenges, celebrating the same victories. Celebrating the bond that is undeniable for more than 70 years and can never be broken and how can we make it even stronger.

“As the Democrat Majority Leader talked about, we have some legislation on the floor – we’ve passed some and there’s others we’d like to pass as we continue to move forward. We watch that this world is a dangerous place. We also watch that our Administration in America has spoken with one voice as well – from recognizing Golan Heights to the moving of the embassy — something those who ran for president always promised. But this year, we kept our promise.

“So as we move forward, a very clear message is that we understand the importance of this relationship – we understand undeniably the bond that has to be maintained. You have that support here in the House. I want to thank the members who made this journey – I want to thank them for their time and I want to thank their families for being here too. But to ask the hard questions and to gather the information, so when they go back to the halls of Congress and they cast those votes, they do it with knowledge – knowledge firsthand from being there, knowledge of the size and scope of the challenges within the Middle East and the desire to find peace. That’s why we’re here today and that’s what we continue to fight for.”