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Washington D.C. – Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined Fox News’ Fox & Friends this morning ahead of the Democrat majority’s partisan impeachment vote.

“…This is the thinnest, fastest, weakest impeachment in American history.

“The real fear that you have here going forward is that this will be the new norm of Congress [and] what Alexander Hamilton warned us all about — that a political party would capture this just to use it for their own political gain…Speaker [Nancy Pelosi] admits for the last two and a half years that she’s been trying to impeach this President.

“…I was with [President Trump] just yesterday down at the White House. Anybody else — this would be traumatic for them. I’ve never seen a man so strong…talking to individuals inside the Oval Office…flying to a rally today. He is focused on what the American people need...That’s why when you look at this at the end of the day…[Democrat] poll numbers are lower, they are divided.  Republicans are united. 

“…When the Senate rejects this on its facts, [Democrats] will try to impeach the President again…do [Democrats] want to put America first and actually work with this President? Senator Chuck Schumer admits that this process has failed, that this process has no facts...he’s arguing exactly against what the Democrats say over here. Remember what the Speaker said in March, that it’s so divisive to have impeachment that it has to be overwhelming, compelling, and bipartisan. Even by the Speaker’s own criteria, they have not met one of those requirements.”