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This morning, Politico reports that the White House is considering taking a “new approach” toward working with Congress – the President will potentially send the his jobs speech to the Hill as an actual bill. But that won’t disguise the fact the President’s new stimulus measure will cost hundreds of billions of dollars that the White House says will be paid for by unspecified tax hikes in the future.

White House Considering “New Approaches” Including Putting His Jobs Speech Into Bill Form. Obama’s advisers, wary of leaks and preemptive attacks, haven’t been sharing details of the proposals he will make with members of Congress in either party. But sources tell POLITICO he is considering some new approaches, including the possibility of drafting his proposals as an actual bill, something he hasn’t done much in the past. (Glenn Thursh & Carrie Buddoff Brown, Politico, 9/7/11)